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Take Your Golf Game to The Next Level with Chiropractic in Fort Collins CO

Regularly visiting OneHealth Chiropractic will not be able to help cure yourslice or help you make more putts, but it does have the potential to improve your overall game and yourscores. It is a commonly known fact that golf takes a toll on your lower back. The fast twisting motion thatis repeated over and over puts the lower back at risk. If your back is already injured, you are putting atrisk your other muscle groups every time you swing a club. Keep reading in order to see how chiropractic care in Fort Collins CO can help your golf game.

How Chiropractic at OneHealth Chiropractic Boosts Your Golf Game

Chiropractors are able to help relieve the amount of stress that is placed on thebodies of golfers. The lower back goes through a lot of twisting and torque during a swing and it is acommon area for an issue to arise but there are other parts of the body that get affected during golf.Issues involving a range of motion can occur in your shoulders, knees, wrists, or elbows which can affectyour swing and generally means higher scores.

It All Begins With You in Fort Collins CO

Despite the fact that your golf game can be improved with a Fort Collins COchiropractor, you can also help yourself further improve your game. Warming up is important in theprevention of injuries. Get to the course early to stretch and take a few practice swings. Whether you hitat the range or not, making sure to start the round loose is important. Stretching after the round is alsokey in keeping your muscles loose and long.

It is also essential to stay hydrated while on the golf course. This includesdrinking water before, during, and after your round. If you are dehydrated on the course, it is much easierfor an injury to occur. Using a pull or push cart is a much better option for your body than carrying yourbag if you must walk the course you are playing at. Nerves can become irritated and disc problems can arisefrom carrying a bag for 18 holes.

If the option is present, wearing nonmetal spikes is the best idea. Metal spikescan get stuck in the ground while you swing which can injure both the knees and the back. If any part ofyour golf swing causes you pain, it can also be smart to get lessons and learn a more efficient way toswing. If you listen and abide by these steps, your rounds should be pain free, allowing your scores tostart dropping.

We at OneHealth Chiropractic are here to help improve your golf game in FortCollins CO! Don’t hesitate to call us today.